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Semblanza GLB

Gustavo Leal Benavides



FOUNDER PARTNER of Leal Benavides & Cia, S.C., tax consulting firm, since 1995.


PRESIDENT of Fiscalia, On-line provider of tax information services, since 2000.


DIRECTOR PARTNER of Gossler, S.C., Audit and Accounting Firm, 1971 to 1995, occupying the following positions:


  • Executive Director

  • Monterrey Office Director 1972 to 1995

  • Mexico City Office Director 1979 to 1987


VIGILANCE OFFICER of the following companies and institutions, among others.

  • Banca Somex, 1979 to 1982

  • Grupo Bufete Industrial, 1980 to 1988

  • Unión de Crédito de Distribuidores de Maquinaria Agrícola, since 1993

  • Financiamiento Azteca, S.A. Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Limitado, 1993 to 1996.





AUTHOR of many articles published in FiscaliaIMEF and El Norte.



PRESIDENT of Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas, A.C., Grupo Monterrey, 2006.


MEMBER of Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos en Finanzas, A.C, since 1971

Occupying different positions, among others:

  • Chairman of the Board 2006

  • Vicepresident of the National Technical committees, 1998 to 2003

  • President of 9th National Forum IMEF, celebrated May 1997

  • General Vicepresident of Grupo Monterrey

  • Delegate of the National Directive Council

  • At the present time and since 1987, member of the Directive Council, Grupo Monterrey


MEMBER of Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos, A.C., since 1967
Participating as:

  • Member of the Honor board

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Member of the Accounting Principles Commission

  • Member of the Auditing Standards and Procedures Commission

  • President of the Professional Ethics Commission

  • President of the Statute Commission


MEMBER of Instituto de Contadores Públicos de Nuevo León, A.C., since 1967. Occupying, among others, the following positions:

  • President of the Directive Council, 1990 to 1991

  • Lifetime Member of the Consultation Council

  • Member of the Honor board, 1987 to 1989, 1998 to 1999

  • General Vice-president, 1989 to 1990

  • President of the Evaluation and Professional Defense Board 1994 to 1996

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